While we’d all love to travel the globe ourselves, there are several resources that can help us do so mentally, and prepare us with the requisite knowledge and skills to get the most from our travels, wherever we go:

  • Elementary Geography offers a Charlotte Mason approach to world geography: the planets and Earth’s continents, the changing seasons, latitude and longitude, map-making, topographical features such as mountains and valleys, rivers and straits.
  • The Geography Colouring Book––learn about the different parts of the world by colouring them and at the same time creating a world atlas.
  • National Geographic Kids offers adventures online in science, nature, culture, archaeology, and space exploration.
  • Canada, My Country––Topics include understanding maps, Canada’s physical regions, symbols, government, freedoms and outstanding Canadians
  • Paddle to the Sea––great story about a boy who canoes through the Great Lakes to the Atlantic, also incorporating Canadian history & culture
  • Explore the Continents explores the geography, climate, animals, landmarks, and saints of each of the seven continents
  • Seterra offers a creative approach to learning geography place names.
  • Geoguesser is a geography game wherein players guess where in the world they are, based on a set of clues. 


Human Geography

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