I’ve listed the most popular math programs with a short description below, but in fact, Exodus Books puts all the major math curricula into one place with reviews for your reading pleasure, when you are at leisure to really grapple with the most difficult decision every homeschooling mom makes: which math program to use……… and stick with. Best of luck!

  • Singapore Math––the most popular, generally because of the thorough but efficient approach, often slightly grade ahead of BC grade-level outcomes. Colourful and straightforward, popular with kids and parents alike. Singapore is available with PO from The Learning House.
  • Math U See––a practical approach, focusing on conceptual understanding through visuals, manipulatives and games. Video lessons also available  which is a selling point for many parents, especially for students who struggle (as they can rematch the videos as necessary.) Developed especially for those who struggle with early numeracy skills, though useful for all students. 
  • RightStart Math––an excellent math program to build skills, incorporating many games and manipulatives, and geared to a variety of learning styles. A word of caution though, that this program does require significant parental planning and involvement, especially at the younger ages.
  • Life of Fred––an innovative math program incorporating a continuing narrative into each lesson. Great for those who are always asking, “Why will I need to know this??” Note, however, that this program does not emphasize numeracy drills, so is often used as a supplement to other programs.
  • Snap Math––for grades 7-9 only. Aligned to BC outcomes, with a straightforward approach, and just a few practise questions before each review. These workbooks really do get students through math in a snap, perfect for middle graders who just want to get things done!
  • Aleks Math––an online program that also meets BC outcomes (more so than Teaching Textbooks)
  • Ikoma Abacus––this is an interesting approach to learning about numbers, but as far as I know is only available in Vancouver at present.


Great math additives….

  •––good for practise with the basic operations. Simple but intuitive.
  • The Verbal Math Lesson––developed to help make mental math fun, and less paper-oriented
  • Anno’s Math Games––a book of math games reinforcing key mathematical concepts for primary students, especially focusing on charting and sorting skills. Available as a free pdf (linked above) or through Amazon.
  • Singapore Word Problems––an addendum to the Singapore programs, but it can supplement any math programs to encourage and develop problem-solving abilities
  • Life of Fred––while this can be used as a stand-alone program––barely––it is more appropriate as a fun and creative supplement to encourage children to see how math fits into other areas of life, and vice versa.

Math Tutorials Online

  • BC Exam Bank––this is a great place to start when figuring out placement according to BC’s outcomes, or to test students as they work through curricula
  • THSS Math – for secondary math, and geared to BC outcomes
  • Purple Math––a great tutorial site, even for secondary math
  • Math Is Fun––a good games site, to build skills
  • Khan Academy––excellent tutorials for both math and science topics, with a searchable database